Program "Last Witnesses"

In February 2008 the Museum Stutthof starts the realisation of the project "Last Witnesses". It's about the collection of different audio and video documents from former Stutthof contemporary witnesses.

The project gets realized through a group of experts of the Museum; Coordination: M. Owsiński. This group relays their work on older documents and polls as well as a high-level equipment. Each recorded document consists of: The witness with added questionnaire, curriculum vitae as well as a summary of the content. This collection action also is an appeal to former witnesses to document their memories and other information. Especially those which were not recorded yet. The received documents are going to flow into the computer system of the Museum Stutthof. Of course, those would be used for educational work and the permanent exhibition.

If you want to share your memories with us or if you stay in contact with a witness, you can help us to elaborate the history between 1939 and 1945:
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