Filming and Photographing

Reporter materials
Filming and photographing on the premises of the Stutthof Museum requires the permission of the Museum Director. Please contact Press Office in order to receive this consent:
photographing and filming are allowed throughout the museum’s area public available to visitors.
The necessary condition for obtaining the permit is the use of the material produced exclusively in projects which do not tarnish the reputation of Victims of KL Stutthof and Stutthof Museum.

Feature and fictional film
It is not allowed to produce the feature and fictional films in Museum Stutthof.

Documentary film
The creation of materials for documentary films requires the consent of the Museum’s director. For detailed information, please contact the Press Office.
It is obligatory to send the information describing the subject matter of the film and to fill in and send the form ( attached). Without these documents there is no possibility to receive the permit.

Filming with drones
Stutthof Museum is situated in frontier zone and air zone no TSA 16E. Firstly, it is obligatory to receive a permission from aeronautical and military authorities. When you obtain such a permit, please contact Press Office in order to discuss the details of the filming using drones.

Pliki do pobrania
1.General rules for flying drones on the site of the Stutthof Museum
2. Application for permission to filming/taking photos on the ground of the Stutthof Museum.